Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs World Bridge Ministries?


Any church with a desire to do more to reach the lost world

Could you help us start a mission emphasis in our church?


We get involved in churches at all levels. We would love to assist you in getting started. It will positively impact your entire church!

What size church works best for World Bridge Ministries?


We have worked with churches with less than 20 members all the way up to mega-churches of several thousand members. Your heart is more important than your size.

But we are already doing 'missions' in our church. Do we still need you?


We would like to help you personalize missions at all age-levels. It helps to be dissatisfied with the past and present accomplishments and a desire to do more for Him.

Are you connected with a particular denomination?


No, however, we have worked in partnership with several denominations and mission organizations over the years. We seek to assist any church that would be in sympathy with our Statement of Faith, whether associated with a denomination or not.

We are part of a denomination that handles this for us.


You might be surprised at what can be accomplished within your immediate church body. Usually we find that giving to the denomination missions increases as your people become more involved personally.

We already support several missionaries. Could you help us help them?


We would love to take a group of people from your church body to work with them. There is no better way to encourage your missionaries than to have a group from your church actually go there, assist them, and get to see their ministry first hand. Both you and they will be blessed immensely! We have often heard the statement, usually with tears, "You are the first people to ever visit me on the field from any of my supporting churches. Thank you so much."

Is there a fee for using World Bridge Ministries?


There are published fees for each of our ministries. They are used to keep our lights on. However, we want you to know that we never wish for fees to detract from our doing ministry in your church. We find that churches who pay the fees have larger attendance at our events -- they want to get their money's worth!

We depend on the Lord for our support, not the fees. If you genuinely want us to come and cannot afford the fees, we know that the Lord will make up the difference from another source.