Ministries of World Bridge


International Ministry Opportunities


The current trend in world missions indicates that 11,000 are being sent from the church in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to reach the unreached people groups in the world for Christ. Already 20,000 missionaries from these areas have been mobilized for service on the mission flelds of the world.

World Bridge Ministries continues to receive an increasing number of invitations to help develop the world missions outreach of the churches overseas. Working together with national evangelical leaders and pastors from these parts of the world allows World Bridge Ministries to be on the cutting edge of world evangelization. We seek to provide training and tools necessary for equipping national church leaders and pastors to mobilize their churches for active involvement in worldwide outreach. To date, World Bridge Ministries has conducted overseas pastors' seminars in 24 countries, including South Africa, Honduras, EI Salvador, Cost Rica, Nambia, Barbados. Brazil, Portugal, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Guatemala, Nigeria, and others.

In order to be true to our purpose, we desire to balance our ministries at home and abroad endeavoring to be sensitive to where God's Spirit is at work.

Strategies to Reach Our Goals


Winning Strategies Seminar
We will demonstrate how one church, large or small, can affect the world for Jesus Christ. This seminar is designed for the Senior Pastor, pastoral staff, and key lay leaders. It is usually hosted in a church during their Missions Conference, therefore it can provide a unique experience for the participant. It can provide the opportunity to learn in a classroom setting, as well as, to observe a local church that is impacting, literally, the entire world for Christ.

Bridge to the Lost Seminar
The purpose of this seminar is to aid in developing a strategic, personalized, church-wide world missions ministry in a local church. This intense seminar is designed to help build a cohesive and effective leadership team within a speciflc church for the cause of world evangelization. Held over a weekend, the Bridge to the Lost seminar includes a ministry to the congregation during the Sunday services. This helps to build greater world awareness and a deeper understanding of the biblical basis of world missions.

Consultative Services
These services consist of a one-to-two year working partnership between World Bridge Ministries and a local church to provide the necessary tools and guidance for developing a personalized, strategic, and church-wide world missions ministry. The agreement includes the co-responsibility for the flrst two annual world missions conferences, help with the preparation for an overseas Project Build Outreach. It can reach into any of the specifics you need help with during this consultation period. To keep costs lower for distant churches, telephone and e-mail appointments are used extensively to supplement quarterly personal visits.

Project Build Outreach
This ministry of World Bridge Ministries offers local churches "hands-on" participation in sharing the Gospel cross-culturally. It accelerates understanding of world missions for the participants impacting them and the church more than almost any other means. We cover all phases of a short-term missions project, from help in project selection, travel, pre-fleld orientation, and on-site guidance to assistance with communicating the experience upon returning home. We utilize a teaching format to transfer needed skills to church leaders so they can continue trips long after we are out of the picture.