Project Build Outreach


Purpose of Project Build Outreach


Each and every aspect of this ministry is designed to mobilize the local church toward a more personalized world missions ministry. The command to take the Gospel message to all the world was given to each believer. The biblical example, given in Acts, Chapter 13, is that some are to be senders while others are to be sent out with the salvation message. Therefore, each Project Build Outreach team is sent by a local church. The team members include people who are committed to pray, to give, and also those who will go. As the local church bands together to send workers from within their ranks, we see a demonstration of the fact that world evangelization is the responsibility of the church corporately, not just the individual believer.

A successful cross-cultural missions project should be catalytic in nature, accelerating the overseas ministry beyond its present situation, while personalizing world missions within the sending church like never before.

Although the Project Build approach and program may not be the only way to mobilize the local church through hands-on involvement, it has been proven to be effective in doing just that. Measurable amounts of increased participation in world evangelization will be realized within the local church if the principles taught are not compromised.

Recommended Procedures


To accomplish all that we believe God wants to do through the Project Build Outreach, it is crucial that we lay a good foundation. We have found out the following steps are the foundations for a successful ongoing project ministry. These procedures are recommended for the implementation of a church's first Project Build Outreach.

General Ministry Presentation

A World Bridge Ministries representative will plan to spend a weekend with you. Our goal for this weekend will be to clearly present the Project Build Outreach ministry of World Bridge Ministries and the part it could play in the ongoing expansion of your world missions program.

Upon our arrival on Saturday, we would like to have a meeting with the church leadership. Those in attendance at this meeting should include the Pastoral Staff, Missions Committee plus any others in leadership according to your church structure (elders, deacons, trustees, etc.) It is imperative the leadership know the program and be committed to its value within your church. During this meeting, we would present various ministry opportunities and discuss our ministry program and procedures. You can plan on the meeting lasting a minimum of one hour plus a question and answer time.

On Sunday morning, we would be available to give a brief word of testimony or bring a world missions challenge in Sunday School classes and/or the morning worship service, should you desire us to do so. On Sunday evening, we could make a general ministry presentation to the congregation. This would include a multimedia slide presentation explaining the work project ministry concept and a general missions challenge. Our presentation will be of a general nature and would not put you or the church on the spot in any way.

Should you decide to move ahead on a project, we will provide you with a Partnership Agreement which will outline in detail our working relationship. You will need to appoint someone to be the church's Project Coordinator. They must be willing to act as a liaison between your local church and World Bridge Ministries. They will also need to travel on the overseas project and exhibit leadership skills.

Project Selection
In selecting a project, World Bridge Ministries will either seek work with one of your own missionaries or help you select from a list of projects in a variety of countries and ministries that we are aware of. When working with one of your missionaries, we will write to them to gather the necessary information as to the type of project they have, the skills necessary, the lodging available, the costs involved, etc. This information will be used to evaluate the various project requests, to choose a project, to and formulate a working budget. The final decision concerning the project dates and location must be mutually agreed upon by World Bridge Ministries and the church.

Kick Off Sunday
Approximately six to nine months prior to your project, a World Bridge Ministries staff member will return to your church for a very strategic weekend. It will be our goal to see your entire church involved in some aspect of the project ministry. Once again, we will need to meet with your church and project leadership to formally share with them the project logistics and the budget. In the Sunday services, we will be presenting you specific project information - the where and the when of the project, who can participate and how, the registration procedure and participant cost. We will also explain the biblical mandates which challenge us toward personalized, hands-on involvement in world evangelization. The ministry team will include those who have committed to pray, to give, to assist, and/or to go. A fellowship time following the evening service with light refreshments will give us the opportunity to interact with the congregation and to answer any questions they may have.

Project Updates
Over the months that follow, we will be working on the many details involved in planning a successful cross-cultural work project. We will also be keeping in touch with your church Project Coordinator and will be available to answer any questions that may arise. If you are scheduling your World Missions Conference during the months before the trip, it would be a great advantage for the World Bridge Ministries staff to participate in that conference.

Orientation Seminar
Approximately four weeks prior to the project, it is imperative we return to the church for an orientation meeting with the project participants. At this time, we will present such information as international etiquette, how to relate with the nationals and the missionaries, what to wear and what to bring. This will be a very informative time. It is mandatory that all project participants attend this meeting. Prior to the meeting with the project participants, we would like to meet with the Pastor and Project Coordinator to bring you up-to-date on the progress of the project details.

The Project
One of World Bridge Ministries' Project Build Leaders will meet the team the day of departure, usually at your church or at the airport of departure. We will spend the next two weeks together leading the team through many steps of the project. We pray the Lord will use us to strengthen your missions outreach ministry.

The Celebration Sunday
We believe it is important that the blessing and impact of the project be shared with the entire congregation. Many of the people who remained at home were vitally involved in the project through prayer, giving and assisting the participants. They deserve a good report. Within two to three weeks after the team returns, World Bridge Ministries would like to share with you in a follow up celebration with the team and the entire church. At this time, we would like to meet with the Pastor and the Project Coordinator to evaluate the project and to begin planning your second project.